TelePresence for Engineers

    Collaborate i/o is a video collaboration system specifically designed for engineers working remotely on tough technical problems.

    • see everything with amazing clarity--even better than if you were on site
    • fix a problem quickly and effectively
    • avoid the huge cost and wasted hours on a cramped airplane
  • Line down means lost revenue

    Today's supply chains stretch across the globe and when a link breaks the manufacturing line creaks to a halt.

    • Cost: thousands or millions of dollars per day!
    • Result: Engineers scramble to fix the problem.

    If you're lucky the problem is in the same zip code, otherwise you're catching a red-eye to another continent.

  • A down customer is an unhappy customer

    When a machine breaks, field service is asked to save the day. Field service engineers travel to customer sites where they must assess, diagnose, and fix complex technical problems. All under extreme time deadlines and with a customer breathing down their neck.

  • The Sun Never Sets on R&D

    Today's R&D means integrating technical teams spread across the globe. Whether it's a software team in Bangalore, co-development with a partner in Cambridge, or an acquisition in Orlando, getting theses teams in-sync takes a lot more than document sharing, and a weekly conference call.

Save Time

When you run into tough technical problems, use Collaborate i/o to keep your projects on schedule and your customers happy. Cut downtime from weeks to days and response times by 30%.

Save Money

Travel to and from a remote site accounts for 60% of the cost of fixing a technical problem. It takes just one saved trip to an off-site location for you to return your Collaborate i/o investment.

Do More

With Collaborate i/o giving or receiving technical help has never been easier! With this capability multi-site projects that once seemed impossible are now within reach.

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