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The Ceelab Software Endpoint is a Windows® software program, based on Bow technology, that turns your personal computer into a powerful visual communication device enabling face-to-face virtual meetings and online collaboration.

Solution Overview

The Bow Software Endpoint is easy to set up and use. It makes joining video conferences and virtual meetings simple.  It supports video calls in both HD and SD formats and includes a full suite of data sharing and collaboration tools. 

Once installed, the user simply logs on with their username and password and they have instant access to their contacts and virtual meeting rooms.  The Bow Endpoint supports an advanced ‘presence’ system allowing the user to see which of their contacts are online.  Making a call or entering a virtual meeting room is simply a click on a name.

The software endpoint requires no license key on the personal computer and can be installed on as many computers as needed.  All users may be online at the same time and the administrator simply purchases the number of concurrent calls they need.

Product Highlights

  • A Natural User Experience
    The Bow Endpoint provides outstanding audio and video quality, even at low bandwidths. HD video is possible if bandwidth is available

  • Easy to Use – Click to Call
    The Bow Endpoint shows when your contacts are online, offline or busy and which virtual meeting rooms you have access to.  Simply click to call a contact or join a meeting.

  • All the Tools You Need
    Once in a call or meeting, a wide range of tools for presenting and sharing information, chairing or moderating meetings, are available.

  • Call video conferencing systems
    Because it is based on industry standards, the Bow Endpoint interoperates with existing video conferencing room systems enabling users to join video meetings between meeting rooms.

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