Piezo Source

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Application Development
Piezo Source has a team of scientists and engineers whose educational and industrial backgrounds includes radio communication, medical devices and diagnostics, electronics manufacturing, natural and physical sciences, chemical engineering and computer sciences.
It is the diversity of the team's industrial and educational background that makes Piezo Source a great fit for understanding your application and designing piezoelectric devices to fit your needs and those of your customers and collaborators.
Piezo Source's hands on approach to engineering, science, and data gathering means we can quickly understand your application, and therefore design products specific to your application.
Piezo Source can also validate the designs and realize products against your applications and collect the necessary validation data including:
  • Meteorology - Level sensing, flow velocity, turbulence, etc.
  • Voice recognition - Speech-aware applications and dictation work flow.
  • Audio applications - Personal and public address sytems, speaker design.
  • Ultrasound applications - Sonochemistry, ultrasonic cleaning, acoustic microscopy, etc.
  • Therapeutic applications - Antibacterial application, drug delivery, etc.
  • Energy harvesting - Harvesting vibrational energy
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