Piezo Source

Speaker and Tweeter Array
Piezo Source designs, tests and manufacturers speaker and tweeter arrays for our customers and collaborators. These piezo speaker arrays are purpose built assemblies where a group of our exceptionally high quality speakers are precisely positioned and with each speaker's phase accurately controlled; the intensity and direction of the acoustic signal can be controlled depending on the customers requirements.
Piezo Source is experienced in custom-designs and manufacturing of piezo speaker arrays for multiple applications including:
- Wind Speed and Turbulence Detection Devices, including SODAR.
- Deterrence Weapons and Crowd Dispersion Technologies.
- Medical Ultrasonic Imaging and Therapies.
The features and benefits of Piezo Sources speaker and tweeter arrays are:
  • Piezo Source's unique bimorph design, is capable of delivering audible and ultrasound signals with broad spectrum, high efficiency, high reliability and high power.
  • Constructive interference allows ultrasound signal to be concentrated in a narrow beam.
  • Manipulation of phases of each speaker allows changing the direction of the beam.
  • Adding ultrasound "carrier" signal to audible sound allows much more focused sound signal along desired direction.
  • Piezo Source manufactures the speakers in our arrays, and so we have full control over the quality and performance of each individual speaker.
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