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Model KSN 1034A, KSN 1036A, KSN 1036B, KSN 1039A Direct Radiator (3.75")
High Impact, High Temperature - The KSN 1034A, KSN 1036A, and KSN 1039A are made of special High Impact plastic designed to tolerate the severe high and low temperatures to which an automobile interior is often subjected.
Mounting Flexibility - The KSN 1036A has a metal grill screen, otherwise it is identical to the KSN 1034A. The KSN 1039A has an attractive domed screen surrounded by a brushed metal ring giving it a finished, professional appearance.
Noticeably Cleaner Response - The direct radiating tweeter delivers the full, clean response characteristics inherent in piezo ceramic speakers.
Bulky Magnet Structure Eliminated - By the use of a piezo ceramic driver, thereby reducing the problems caused by size, weight, and stray magnetic fields.
No Voice Coil - Reliability is greatly improved, there are no rubbing voice coils from warped cones or from contaminants in the air gap. The low dynamic mass of the drive mechanism gives the piezo ceramic speaker a better transient response than can be obtained with a conventional dynamic speaker.
Excellent Transient Response - Relatively pure response with minimum of ringing provides "clean", pure sound with low distortion.
Low Harmonic Distortion - Average harmonic distortion of less than 0.75% contributes to the delivery or superior sound fidelity.
High Impedance - Over 1,000 ohms at 1 kHz, and still above 20 ohms at 40 kHz, the piezo ceramic speaker presents no added load to the amplifier and rejects low frequency power without requiring acrossover network.
Long Term Stability - Improved drivers used in Motorola piezo ceramic speakers are impervious to normal humidity variations, stable to temperatures of 240° F (115° C), and durable under variety of external shock, vibration, and stress conditions. As a result, Motorola piezo ceramic speakers are capable of quality performance as long as these devices are operated within their design specifications.
Design Specification - Electrically, these piezo ceramic speakers appear as 0.15 mid capacitors and exhibit high efficiency (40-50%) in converting electrical energy into acoustical energy.
As capacitive devices, piezo ceramic speakers have sufficient voltage sensitivity to be wired directly to, and matched with, high quality dynamic speakers.
Download the datasheet here.
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