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Model KSN1103A Voice Range Speakers
The KSN1103A is designed for application that require a broad frequency range, small size, light weight and rugged speaker. Because it is ultra thin and resistant to wide environmental changes, the KSN1103A is an ideal speaker for portable, automotive, industrial or military applications.
A piezo ceramic driver allow the KSN1103A to be much thinner, smaller and lighter than the conventional dynamic speaker, thus reducing the problems associated with size, weight, and stray magnetic fields. There are no magnetic materials in the construction. Reliability is greatly improved since there cannot be a rubbing voice call from a warped cone or from contaminants in the air gap. The low dynamic mass of the drive mechanism gives the speaker a better transient response that can be obtained with a conventional dynamic speaker.
A high strength phenolic cone provides the resistance to humidity needed for the harsh environments. Piezo Ceramic speakers are impervious to normal humidity variations and are durable under a variety of external shock, vibrations and stress condition. As a result, Motorola piezo ceramic speakers area capable of quality performance as long as they are operated within their design specifications.
  • Ultra Thin Design
  • Light Weight
  • Voice Range Capability
  • Total Non-Magnetic Construction
  • Solid Ceramic Construction
  • Low Dynamic Mass
  • High Efficiency
  • Excellent Transient Response
  • Rugged Unitized Construction
  • Withstand Harsh Environments
  • Tested to MIL STD B10C, method 509.1
Download the datasheet here.
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