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Model KSN 1005B Super Horn
The original Super Horns, with sound pressure levels of 94 dB @ 1m/1W, set the standard for piezo speakers. A smooth response from 4 kHz to 20 kHz makes them ideal for sound reinforcement and high-fidelity applications.
The KSN1005B are a ruggedized version of the KSN1005A, designed for mission critical applications, such as the continuous meteorological monitoring including SODAR applications. These speakers are expected to operate in harsh environments, from deserts to floating buoys, for multiple years and are expected to work first time every time.
The KSN1005B has been ruggedized so that:

The ceramic is more resistant to cracking in applications where the piezo is often overdriven.

The cones have increased moisture resistance.

The horns have a silver finish designed to help reflect heat.
Download the datasheet here.
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