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Business Challenge:

BEST Cloud is part of the BEST Group and is responsible for taking a multi-disciplinary and multi-continent group of companies and providing a consistent branding across the Group the design brief was that the branding should be distinctive for each business, but had a Group consistency.
BEST Cloud Solution:

BEST Cloud provided iconography for each business that was reflective of the history of the business and was consistent with the industries the business faced. The solution was a coordinated livery between the businesses with logos that were reflective of the history of the individual business but were related when viewed as a Group.
U.S. Export Authority, Inc.(USEA) is a division of the BEST Group. USEA's focus is providing services and solutions to the analog and mixed signal semiconductor components industries.
BEST-Bio is a consultancy that specializes in the development, manufacturing, and testing of sensors and medical diagnostics.
The Piezo Source bimorph Motorola speakers are not the same as simple piezoelectric speakers. Our manufacturing process is roughly equivalent to having a speaker with two crystals rather than one. This gives our speakers a much longer lifespan, efficiency and long term performance and stability. To ensure quality Piezo Source is ISO Certified (ISO (TS) 16949) for quality systems compatible in this industry.
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