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Business Strategy:

The BEST Cloud technical writing group is led by a DPhil English Major and is able to work across all scientific, engineering and technology disciplines, including, electronics, semiconductors, biosensors, diagnostics and biopharma industries.
Often we are called upon to re-write and clarify the ideas of other. In the case study discussed below BEST Cloud's technical writers edited a collaborators content.
BEST Cloud Solution:

BEST has a five step strategy to technical writing which is:
  • STEP ONE - Preparation, which includes (1) (1) establishing the objective, (2) identifying the reader, and (3) determining the scope of the coverage.
  • STEP TWO - Research, BEST clearly understands that clear writing can only come from a clear understanding of the subject matter.
  • STEP THREE - Organization and outlining the piece.
  • STEP FOUR - Drafting the piece by expanding the output of STEP THREE by taking the outline and expanding into topic sentences.
  • STEP FIVE - Revision of the output of STEP FOUR.
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