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Business Challenge:

BEST Cloud is a certified developer of applications for the iPhone and iPad. Our collaborators required an iPhone app that supported their existing web based electronic medical records (EMR) for their patients and pets medical records.
BEST Cloud Solution:

BEST was able to develop two apps which were compatible with the current trends.
  • Automatic data collection - Existing software routines to upload data from multiple remote locations and sensors and subsequently store the data on a Cloud server. Data types include vital signs, bioelectrochemical signals, electromechanical signals, test data, etc.
  • Automatic data interpretation - Application-specific algorithms can be loaded onto the database to convert data into information, e.g., the conversion of voltage to velocity, heart rate into calories, electric current into analyte concentration, etc.
  • Correlation - The correlation of one metric within the database with other metrics, e.g., the correlation of carbohydrates with blood glucose, pedometer data with weight loss, etc.
  • Mapping - Data is contextualized by display on a number of map types, including geographical or process maps.
  • Customer and application-specific tuning - BEST Cloud can update the database architecture and functionality with routines and algorithms specific to our clients' needs.
  • Smart phone / device intergration - The database can be interrogated or controlled via web-enabled smart devices including iPhones, Androids, tablets, etc.
  • Remote login - The existing architecture allows customers and collaborators to access the data via a web portal by logging in using a unique and secure user name and password. Calculations can be performed on the data to produce reports on testing, including summaries and statistical analyses including max/min, mean/median, standard deviation, etc.
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