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FRED KINDER - President at BEST Cloud

B.S. in Chemistry and Math; West Liberty University
Fred Kinder is an experienced senior professional in technology, electronics, and engineering with a proven track record in conceptualizing and building businesses in new areas. Before launching his companies, Fred held technical and sales/marketing positions at several high-tech materials and electronics companies. In 1981, he founded Encore Technology, Inc., a semiconductor assembly consulting firm that still exists today. Subsequently, he founded U.S. Export Authority, Inc. (USEA) in 1987 to provide contract manufacturing, assembly, and test services for the semiconductor industry. USEA has developed unique test processes for CSP/bumped semiconductor chips and unique test instrumentation for single insertion specialty testing of MOSFET devices. Finally, in 1992 Fred founded USEA in the Philippines which provides high volume test services for analog and MOSFET devices.
In recent years Fred has broadened his focus into the medical industry and has driven teams to develop online medical databases for patient records and the interaction of Cloud computing with smart phone devices.
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