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Business Challenge:

Our collaborators tested millions of parts per day on behalf of their customers and needed to provide a web based portal so that there customers could view their test data in real time.
BEST Cloud Solution:

BEST provided a website and access to a PHP/MySQL database where customers could login and view and manipulate their data in real time. The solution was IC DataCruncher™.
  • Automatic data collection - Existing software routines to upload data from multiple remote locations and sensors and subsequently store the data at a remote server. Data types include vital signs, bioelectrochemical signals, electromechanical signals, test data, etc.
  • Automatic data interpretation - Application-specific algorithms can be loaded onto the database to convert data into information, e.g., the conversion of voltage to velocity, heart rate into calories, electric current into analyte concentration, etc.
  • Correlation - The correlation of one metric within the database with other metrics, e.g., the correlation of carbohydrates with blood glucose, pedometer data with weight loss, etc.
  • Mapping - Data is contextualized by display on a number of map types, including geographical or process maps.
  • Customer and application-specific tuning - BEST-Bio can update the database architecture and functionality with routines and algorithms specific to our clients' needs.
  • Smart phone / device intergration - The database can be interrogated or controlled via web-enabled smart devices including iPhones, Androids, tablets, etc.
  • Remote login - The existing architecture allows customers and collaborators to access the data via a web portal by logging in using a unique and secure user name and password. Calculations can be performed on the data to produce reports on testing, including summaries and statistical analyses including max/min, mean/median, standard deviation, etc.
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