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Delta VSD Engineering and Production Testing (MIL-STD-750D method 3161)
USEA understands the importance of good die attach in devices including power MOSFETs; therefore USEA develops Delta VSD (DVSD) testing for the engineering and production phases in accordance with MIL-STD-750D method 3161.
USEA provides the necessary inputs into the test development including:
  • Thermal characterization of the part with regard to VSD vs. Temperature.
  • Test development for the initial and final VSD determination.
  • Test development of the appropriate heating current pulse.
  • Test development of the duration of the heating pulse to ensure that the test interrogates the die to lead frame attachment.
  • USEA is unique in that we can scale engineering Delta VSD (DVSD) and perform true quadsite testing in production (link to the QM1000).
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