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SemiCon Service Hub
USEA provides a service hub for our customers and collaborators, including our fabless customers, USEA SemiCon Hub.
From the USEA SemiCon Hub we:
  • Receive, store and drop-ship wafers and packaged parts. USEA can receive, store and ship to your customers and collaborators. The parts are automatically tracked in the USEA WIP . Your valuable wafers and parts are securely stored on site with a 24/7 surveillance system monitoring the facility and storage area.
  • Administrate your shipping and receiving tasks. USEA will manage your customs and shipping issues to locations around the world.
  • Manual handling of parts and packing. USEA will perform manual manipulation of parts including: de-tape, tape, tube loading, tube un-loading, waffle pack loading/unloading, scrapping of parts, canister-to-tube, canister-to-tape, canister-to-waffle, marking etc.
  • Package part and lot manipulation. USEA can receive multiple lots and can combine/mix/split and ship to multiple sites.
  • The technology behind our USEA SemiCon service hub is our Customer Request Ticketing Cloud database, our database allows two easy steps to requesting work.
  • STEP ONE - Logon to USEA's database through the customer portal.
  • STEP TWO - Select the work type request, enter the work request details, enter the date by which you require the work, upload the supporting documents behind the work, if requesting several pieces of work select the relative priority of reach, identify the PO number behind the request and finally submit the request.
  • The database therefore allows our customers and collaborators a Cloud portal to track the work has been requested by them and their colleagues and track what work has been been delivered against.
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