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Test Development
USEA is involved at all levels of test development, including the necessary test board design and layout, software development, socket design and build, etc. We work on programs at all stages of the product development timeline and through to manufacturing. Examples of our test development contributions include:
  • Engineering Characterization - Smaller scale engineering studies with comprehensive parametric and functional testing, including our unique multi-temperature test technologies.
  • Package Qualification - This includes parametric testing, functional testing, highly-accelerated aging, and highly accelerated lifetime testing.
  • Production Testing - Optimized test procedure along with optimized parts handling strategy, including our unique test solutions
  • The USEA team has years of experince development and optimizing virtual instruments for customers test solutions using LabVIEW software
    Examples of application that we have worked on include:
    * GPIB and VISA Instrument Control
    * A/D and D/A Data Acquisition
    * Automation and Validation of Test System
    * Embedded Monitoring and Control System
    USEA has a wide range of equipment optimized for performing tests at multiple temperatures (download the Test at Temperature flyer here).
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