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High Throughput Testing - Wafers
USEA provides high throughput probing of die on wafers before and after saw. USEA's wafer mapping and sorting services leverage our:
  • Handlers, Probers, and Testers - State of the art test equipment located in our San Jose, CA and LISP 1, Cabuyao City, Philippines facilities.
  • High-PAS™ Testing After Saw - Proprietary technology for highly parallel probing of wafers after saw at multiple temperatures (-55 to 200°C).
  • Unique Specialty Testing - High throughput specialty testing including UIL/UIS (avalanche), RC/CG, QG, and DC testing through our QM-1000 tester.
  • Test Data in Real Time - Test data are uploaded in real time to the cloud to enable our customers to monitor their test data in real time through our DataCruncher tool.
  • WIP Tracking - State of the art online tracking of work orders through the BEST-WIP tool.
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