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USEA is offering off-the-shelf and custom wafer probing and final package testing technologies from our tri-locations in the US, China and the Philippines, our services include:
  • Wafer probe card design and assembly - The USEA and Semi-Probes wafer probe technologies include: epoxy, blade, ceramic and co-axial; our solutions are delivered using off the shelf pcb or custom pcb. Our probe card solutions can range up to 500 points
  • Wafer probe card accessories - USEA and Semi-Probes wafer probe technologies offer a range of probe card accessories: epoxy probes, metal blades, ceramic blade, mother boards, load boards etc.
  • Wafer probe card repair - USEA and Semi-Probes have over 61 years combined experience of providing wafer probing services and products to the semi-conductor industry.
  • Load board design and assembly - The USEA and Semi-Probes are able to offer fast turn around in load board and probe board design, fabrication, and populating from our locations in the US, Philippines and
  • Printed circuit board design - USEA and Semi-Probes are expert in printed circuit board designing, from simple two layer boards into highly complex ,multi-layered boards. The USEA and Semi-probe partnership has developed boards for the QM1000, load board, wafer probe boards etc.
  • Validation of wafer probe solutions - The USEA Semi-Probes wafer probe solution is unique as the partnership can not only design and provide the complete wafer probe technology it can also be validated on our production or engineering probers at USEA's Philippines and US facilities.
  • High-PAS technology - USEA has the unique High-PAS technology where we are able to apply our USEA and Semi-probes technology to highly parallel wafer probing after saw.
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