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QM1000™ Quad-Site Tester
USEA recently introduced the QM1000™ quad-site instrument for testing analog and mixed signal semiconductor devices. This low cost, high throughput service and product is ideal for specialty testing of MOSFETs, JFETs, IGBTs, diodes, mixed signal ICs, and discrete analog devices.
Designed to mate with and expand the capabilities of the LTX-Credence ASL1000, the QM1000™ performs both DC and specialty AC tests, including QG, RG, CG, and UIL/UIS (Avalanche). The ability to perform quad-site testing on a single insertion basis reduces device handling requirements and eliminates the need for multiple external instruments to fully characterize semiconductor devices. The QM1000™ offers up to 4X improvement in test throughput and yield, and is compatible with film frame, rotary, and auto handlers.
In addition to direct sales of the QM1000™, USEA offers test services in its San Jose, CA and LISP 1, Cabuyao City, Philippines facilities. Customers have the option of purchasing time and using the QM1000™ on their own or utilizing USEA's seasoned team of test engineers to perform semiconductor testing on a contract basis.
Download the QM1000 Flyer.
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