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Tri-Temperature Testing
USEA routinely runs production testing and engineering scale characterization programs at temperatures from -55 °C to 200 °C. Routine production testing temperatures include:
  • –55 °C
  • –40 °C
  • 0 °C
  • Room temperature
  • 80 °C
  • 120 °C
  • 150 °C
  • USEA collects 100% of the production and characterization test data which are available for examination through our proprietary cloud-based database DataCruncher™. During an engineering characterization program, USEA is able to translate all of the test data into graphs and datasheets ready for our clients' engineering, production, and marketing groups.
    USEA has a wide range of equipment optimized for performing tests at these temperatures (download the Test at Temperature flyer here).
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