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MOSFET Characterization
USEA provides professional MOSFET characterization services for engineering, production and marketing efforts.
The deliverable from our characterization programs includes:
  • Raw data.
  • Graphed data.
  • Final comprehensive report.
  • USEA ensure the quality of the data by checking the data against the customers product specifications sheet and ensuring that the data is self consistent, for example that RDSON vs. VGS is consistent with the Typical Characterization Output, and that Ciss is consistent with expected Qg, etc.
    USEA's MOSFET characterization services includes:
  • Output characteristic.
  • Transfer characteristics.
  • RDSON vs. VGS.
  • RDSON vs. Temperature
  • Gate to source threshold voltage (VGSTH) vs. Temperature.
  • Source to drain current (ISD) vs. source to drain voltage (VSD)
  • Drain to source breakdown voltage (BVDSS) vs. Temperature.
  • Capacitance (Ciss, Crss and Coss) vs. source voltage.
  • Gate charge Qg.
  • USEA has over twenty years of MOSFET production and characterization testing, contact us to discuss your device.
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